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    Florida reported a record number of coronavirus cases on Saturday, the latest sign that the virus is surging in many parts of the United States, casting a pall over Fourth of July celebrations.

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    Heavy rain in southern Japan triggered flooding and mudslides on Saturday, leaving more than a dozen people presumed dead, about 10 missing and dozens stranded on rooftops waiting to be rescued, officials said.

  3. Petrochemical Surge 20190117

    The economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced governments around the world to resort to massive spending in order to calm the nerves of people and businesses alike. But will stimulus plans help move the world toward a cleaner, greener future or will they largely maintain the status quo?

  4. Seattle protest women struck

    Two women were struck by a car whose driver sped through a protest-related closure on a highway in Seattle, authorities said early Saturday.


    U.S. President Donald Trump's advisers have been talking up the so-called enthusiasm gap between Trump supporters and those of Democratic rival Joe Biden. But the more important gap come November might be the one between the emotional intensity of those who love Trump and those who loathe him.